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May 5, 2011

The best cappuccino in the world?

by Geoff Grant

There is only ONE place in all of Berlin in which you should fill your java itch, and that’s Bonanza Coffee Heroes in Prenzlauer Berg. Everything about this place screams unique, and uniquely satisfying.

The owner is Kiduk Reus, who comes to Berlin by way of Holland via New Jersey via Asia. He uses a Synesso Cyncra machine, of which there are only three in existence in all of Europe. And he roasts the espresso beans right in front of you. You can get them to go hot out of the roaster. You can’t beat that, and you can’t beat their cappuccinos or espressos.

I mean I love Stumptown and Intelligentsia and Counter Culture and Blue Bottle, but seriously, Reus’ espresso and coffee house may be the best I’ve had. It was everything you’d hope for — earthy aroma, creamy, strong, sweetly acidic, rich, the crema didn’t fade, the caffeine kick was good and the aftertaste lingered enticingly. And did I mention every cup was consistently great. Z and I had about 30 cappuccinos there. All great.

Bonanza is supposed to represent the so-called third wave of coffee culture. It’s also supposed to be a worldwide movement. I’m eagerly awaiting the day a Bonanza Coffee Heroes opens near my Berg.


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