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July 22, 2011


What global warming looks like around the planet

by Geoff Grant

You think it’s hot today? You think this is bad? You want to see what global warming looks like to others around the globe? Check out the video from the Natural Resources Defense Council for what’s transpired on our planet the past decade. Video embed below.

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  1. Jul 22 2011

    Hi Geoff.
    My post “What keeps the earth cooking” has received a ping back from your post. Thanks!
    To save you the trouble, I copy my reply to you:
    “His pointing out the current extreme heat in parts of the northern hemisphere is of interest. This is being attributed, of course, to gloabal warming.
    On the other hand, also in the NH, the UK is experiencing extreme cold even though it is also summer there.

    In the SH the winter weather seems to be colder than normal.

    Two comments:
    1. If there is such a figure as “average global”, (the existing methods for computing this are almost certainly suspect), what is it? The silly thing is that the above mentioned extremes are up to several degrees away from normal, but the average “global” difference might be actually less than 1 degree, and might even be a cooling difference. Certainly the basically local heat excess in one general area cannot be logically linked to a planetary heating trend.
    Those who would argue that a small overall warming can tip a balance and cause catastrophic changes have not found much support from any scientists other than those in the IPCC and related organizations.

    2. There is anecdotal evidence (ref:
    regarding the possible or even obvious change in the earth’s orientaion to the sun. If this is true, much climate change would certainly result. Not in any way connected to carbon emissions.

    All good food for thought.”

    I like your post and your approach to the subjects. Good luck!

  2. Jul 22 2011

    Thanks for sharing, Ken. I like your blog, and what it stands for. Nice aspiration. It’s also a really clean-looking design and well mapped. Good job. Keep up the good work.



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