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July 31, 2011

Al Gore chooses reality: Do you?

by Geoff Grant

CHOOSE REALITY: I love the all-cap, in-your-face, sledgehammer of a headline on the homepage of The Climate Reality Project, Al Gore‘s latest and never-ending effort to battle climate change. It’s such a simple notion, but one that as a nation, we’ve struggled with, especially with regards to climate change.

This new campaign is guided by the simple premise that, as the site says, “the climate crisis is real and we know how to solve it.” Gore’s last effort and website — the Alliance for Climate Protection — simply redirects to this new site, which is much better, plus it advances a goal that is easier to communicate.

Gore said in an exclusive interview with Joe Romm, the editor of Climate Progress, that “the change in the name is intended to reflect the organization’s new strategic focus and our new campaign to provide context to the ongoing disclosure of scientific information – to defend the scientists, to defend the science.”

Of course, science — and scientists — hasn’t fared too well in our country in recent years. But that assault on science is a blog for a different day.

In the meantime, The Climate Reality Project launches en masse on Sept. 14-15 with a “24 Hours of Reality” event — streamed live online — that will span the globe, one time zone at a time, in 13 languages. The goal is to showcase how climate change specifically impacts each of the 24 time zones, as well as discussing solutions.

Gore’s goal — as it has been since 1976 when he was a freshman senator from Tennessee — is to keep the drumbeat loud and clear on the environment. But over the past year or so, Gore has kept a relatively low profile. That cone of silence ended emphatically with last month’s 7,000-word essay in Rolling Stone, and now with the launch of his new site.

“If we keep focusing on that reality, it is only a matter of time before we reach a tipping point with the public, beyond which inaction is no longer an option,” Gore told Romm in the Climate Progress interview.

The Climate Reality Project is certainly a step in the right direction, so I hope Gore is right that public perception will soon catch up to reality.

That has been too long in coming.

Video embed below:

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