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No easy decision as hurricane looms

In the past, I’ve always kind of shaken my head when I’ve read about people who have stayed in the path of a hurricane, despite all warnings. I’ve never understood that. Not with all the sophisticated storm tracking and advance notice. But I now I get it. Up close and personal, it’s not that black and white.

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It’s the Mother of all beautiful videos

There’s a reason they call her Mother Earth. And this video captures that. It’s a truly beautiful video. Do not watch this on your smart phone. Watch it on a tablet or your computer at home or work, and watch it in full-screen mode. It’s worth it.

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No more car, no more worries

When you get something slipped under your door in our building, it’s usually a menu from a Chinese restaurant. But what I got in the envelope that was slipped under my door last night was something far better. It was a check for $150. And it reminded me how much I enjoy not having a car.

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