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August 18, 2011

It’s the Mother of all beautiful videos

by Geoff Grant

There’s a reason they call her Mother Earth. And this video captures that. It’s a truly beautiful video. Do not watch this on your smart phone. Watch it on a tablet or your computer at home or work, and watch it in full-screen mode. It’s worth it.

The video — and the sentiment behind it — comes courtesy of Sanctuary Asia, and it was shot by film maker Vivek Chauhan. Sanctuary Asia is a website devoted to reversing global climate change, and the five-minute video is dedicated to those who have lost their lives fighting for their beliefs.

Sanctuary Asia made the very conscious decision not to commercialize the film, nor is there a call to action at the end. It’s such a powerful tribute, though, that it’s a missed opportunity. When you get to the end, you want a way to help, something to do, a way to learn more. Instead, this tale of how corporate avarice, rampant consumerism and fiddle-while-Rome-burns politicians are crippling our planet ends without pointing to anything: no website, no action plan, nothing. Understanding and awareness aren’t enough any more. We need to help people mobilize.

So, watch the video and then click on some of the links I provide below. Do something. (Video below)

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